Jan 16, 2009

How Many People died in Gaza? (Gaza widget)

Look at the sidebar, I saw this widget on Ammena's blog and she told me the page where I can get the code.

This widget will show the updated figures on your page. I thank Ammena to show me this widget, and especially the creator of this widget. If any of you know who the creator is, please let me know.

Anyway, may Allah reward the creator, and may Allah SWT be with them who passed away during Israel assault. Ameen.

Jan 1, 2009

End Year Appeal: People Died in Gaza, Raise the Awareness! | Beauty of Islamic Art in Cross Stitch Design


Leaving year 2008, while you perhaps are partying somewhere, welcoming the new year's eve... hundreds of people are dying as result of days Israel airstrikes on Gaza Strip. Since 27 December 2008, Israel's aerial bombardment had taken heavy toll --majority of them are women and children-- and the Gazans entrapped without any prospect of immediate ceasefire.

Because of International media bias in reporting the conflicts, only few people know that the life in Gaza had been worsening for years, even without the latest bombardment. Since 2006, Israel has reduced or cut off the flow of goods, food and fuel, limitting access to health care, and freedom of movement of all 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Majority of the Gazans are dependent on international food aid. Despite the lack of clean water for the people of Gaza to drink, Israel bars the delivery of water filters. To make things worse, Israel prevented peace activists, human rights observers, and others who might witness the occupation from arriving in Palestine.

The media biased many facts about Gaza Strip. Little we know that since 2000, more than 2,500 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli violence --while Palestinian militants have fired rockets into southern Israel, killing 11 people since 2000-07. To break down the Hamas, Israel carried out collective punishment of Palestinian civilians. And now, again, Israel violates international law, including the Geneva Conventions, not to mention every principle of human rights and dignity.

The Washington Post (just to name one) reported that Hospital in Gaza engulfed by the suffering, but the latest news I read (on Time Magazine online) before writing this was Israeli leaders decided to reject an immediate 48-hour pause in fighting. This is of course causing international aid and humanitarian workers cannot reach the region easily. And this will result in heavier death toll...

What you can do to stop this massacre? Or, do you care enough about this people, the Palestinians, the victims of a gross violation against humanity? Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or other beliefs you hold, if you care about the women and children there, the civilians' life, if you are pro justice and humanity, please do anything you can to help them in need.


See what happened, see what you can do:*

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Islamic Cross Stitch: End Year Appeal: People Died in Gaza, Raise the Awareness! | Beauty of Islamic Art in Cross Stitch Design