Nov 26, 2008

ThoughtSpurs: Getting your priorities straight.

This is really... breathtaking, LOL... I link this post from Thoughtspurs, this is just too good to be true

ThoughtSpurs: Getting your priorities straight.

funny zoo sign Yesterday I was reading how a person had scaled the panda enclosure of at a zoo in China. He just felt compelled to give the panda a hug. The startled panda bit the man. I hope he's ok. The panda, that is. Just heard that DJ, Mark Leishman's dog (and co-star of our microshow The Pet Project) has passed away. The series is still running on Breakfast TV. Does that make DJ something like Heath Ledger? Pic via Dan Pink

Nov 5, 2008


I just wonder about many things.. and still hope for too many things. Obama is definitely one of my best bet for this time.