Oct 9, 2008

I am Grateful

After watched Obama-Cain debate yesterday, I --for the first time in my life-- browse Internet to look for people I knew ... the results were amazing:
one letter from my old best friend, telling me she miss me and asking me where I am now. to this I replied: I am here, missing you, aching to touch you like a thief trembling before the crown he targeted
one page about my love, about places she had been, what she suggested for other traveler wanting to know the easiest-safest-nicest-most decent ways to reach them (oh, I miss her like never before, yet I am grateful for knowing she is alive and well-- I guest so)
thousand possibilities for unexpected meetings
huge basket of spirit to write my book, which is being asked again and again by the editor and publisher, a saga of my journey LOL
hundreds other joyful discoveries, which would have been hurt for me in the past but now I am grateful for knowing it as part of love, betrayal, pain, maturity, sacrifice, longing, desire, and victorious era of me

I am grateful... for having this life, this beautiful life that is going to be even more beautiful soon...

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